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What is the difference between guests and participants?

One of the most common questions we get is what is the difference between a guest and a participant.

So the "Guests" module is thought for you to have private events, when you select on an specific participant type the option "only allow guest registration" this allows you to have a public registration that will only allow people on your guest list to be registered on the event.

Also you can upload a Guests list to send them an invitation to join your event.

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Important Note: The guests are not people registered to the event this are people that you want to invite to be part of the event but they still need to be registered as participants to be part of the event

Participants or Attendees are all the people that is correctly registered to your event, so if you already have a list of people you want to register in bulk to your event you should have to Import them as participants already. 

There are three ways to register a participant:

- The participant can register through your Event Website

- You can manually add a participant from the participant module "Actions" button and then "New"

- You can upload a list of participants using the "Import participants" option

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