Send emails to your registered participants

With Eventtia you can easily communicate with your audience, segment your messages to target the right people, and avoid spamming the rest of your contacts.

Here's how you can do it: 

Step 1. 

  • Go to the "Registration" module and click "Communications".

Step 2. 

  • Click on "Mass Mail" to start a new message. 

  • Then click on "Actions" and on "New"

Step 3. 

  • When creating the new message, you can easily select the type of recipient.

Step 4. 

  • You will then be able to target participants depending on the following criteria:

  1. Attendee type

  2. "Created on" Filter.  IMPORTANT: This filter refers to the participant's date of registration. Please only use this filter when you'd like to send communications to participants that registered online (or that you manually registered from your Eventtia back office) on a specific date and time. Otherwise, it will only show you the participants that registered on the specific date and time you selected there.

  3. Networking (if you have B2B meetings within your event)

  4. Registration to certain program sessions / workshops

  5. Payment status

  6. Check-in status 

  7. Printed status (badges)

Step 5.

  • After defining the profile of the recipient, you can start writing your message in the text editor. 

Step 6.

  • You can personalize the message using custom HTML. Notice that in the lower part you find a list of tags such as ${first_name}. Copy and paste these tags in the body of your text to personalize the emails. The mail will then retrieve the information that was captured from attendees through the registration form. These tags are therefore generated based on the elements configured in the registration form.

  • "Save" your message.

Step 7.

  • Go back to the list of mails saved.

  • Find the mail you just created and click on the three little dots in the top right-side corner of the card. Then click on "Details".

  • Click on "Actions" and then on "Send test mail"

  • Send it to yourself (or a coworker) to test the email and to check it for mistakes. 

  • If everything is OK, click on "Actions" again and then on "Send".

Best practices when sending communications:

  • Images should not be more than 800 pixels wide. This is because Outlook has a big issue when displaying images.

  • We recommend using text and HTML instead of images to communicate.

  • Please note that Email servers do not index images. For example, if a user performs a search for text of your event and all the text is within the image, nothing will appear.

There you go! you can now successfully send a communication to your participants.