How to create attendee badges

Creating and distributing attendee badges can be a real nightmare for event organizers. With Eventtia's event registration platform, it becomes extremely easy to design and print them.

Tip: The background image should have the following maximum dimensions: 1905x2694 

The recommended size for stickers could be 5,4 x 7.0 cm or 5,9x10.5cm


Here's how you can do it:

Step 1. 

  • Go to the "Registration" module and click “Types”.

Step 2. 

  • Choose an attendee type and click its card.

Step 3. 

  • Go to the "Badge" tab.

Step 4. 

  • Choose the Printer type ("DeskJet" or "thermal"). If you go for "DeskJet", you can choose the Orientation (Portrait or Landscape), and the Paper Type (Letter or A4).

Step 5. 

  • Build your badge using the different Tags at your disposal below the editor.
  • With "DeskJet" printer type, you can also insert Logos and images

Step 6. 

  • Decide if you want to print badges using capital letters or not.

Step 7. 

  • Click on "Save". You'll generate the badges automatically without having to manually introduce any attendees’ information.
  • You would be able to send the badges to your participants in an email or you can print them yourself: How to print Badges
  • Here you have some examples of how your badges may look like:


Note: It is very important to configure these parameters before adding an attendee or enabling registration on the event webpage. To personalize your badge, please send us (to a JPG or PNG file with the dimensions 1905 x 2694 so that our technical team can integrate it.

Now you know how to easily generate Badges with Eventtia!