How to print Badges

Printing Badges on Eventtia is a very simple process. It nevertheless requires badges to be well configured beforehand for all types of participants.

If you have both a desktop printer (conventional) and a Thermal printer, it is better to choose one and disable the other one. Then you need to configure the badges of each type of participant according to the one you have chosen (Printing: Desktop or Thermal).

The only thermal printer that can be connected with Eventtia at this time is the DYMO 450. For any other printer print the badges on a PDF and apply the settings on your printer options

Step 1.

  • Go to "Registration" and click on "Attendees". 

Step 2. 

  • Click on the three little dots at the top right-hand corner of each attendee card and then on "Print".
  • You can also print all the badges for your event by clicking on the green "Action" button in the top right corner, then "Print Badges".
  • If you only want to print badges for a certain type of participant, click on "Advanced options" and select the attendee type, then click on the green "Action" button in the top right corner and "Print Badges".


If you wish to print all badges for all your participants just go to "Actions" and then "Print Badges"

A pop up will appear asking to confirm, click on "ok" and that's it, all your badges will be printed on one single PDF file or directly to your thermal printer Click here to learn more about how to set up 

That's it! Now you know how to print your attendees' badges