Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The purpose of this Service Level Agreement (SLA) is to communicate the elements and commitments in place to provide consistent support and delivery to the clients by Eventtia.

The goal of this SLA is to obtain a mutual understanding for support provision and provide you with the very best event preparation and live event services. 

This SLA may change from time to time, but we promise that any such changes will still deliver the same value we committed to providing from the outset. If we do make a change to this SLA, we will give you reasonable advance notice before the change is effective. Regardless of the change, our commitment to delivering the value of the support you purchased will not waver.


For purposes of this SLA, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below. Any capitalized terms not specifically defined herein shall have the same meaning ascribed to them in the Proposal License Agreement

  1. “Customer Success Manager (CSM)”: the person that will be the account manager of your account and will be responsible for your support during your first event, the renewal, and additional sales. 
  2. “Dedicated Customer Success Manager Services”: Service that is provided for some plans and are the meetings and training services provided by the CSM before and after your first event, and they will be continued with periodical calls and meetings that will be defined by your CSM  in your onboarding meeting.
  3. “Knowledge Base”: these are the articles and videos that will be accessible on every day of your subscription. 
  4. “Global Support Services”: is the email, knowledge base, and chat support provided by the Eventtia Customer Success Team, every day of your subscription during working hours to all the plans. 
  5. Premium Support Services”: are the services provided when you acquire a premium support service, like the configuration of your event from the Eventtia team or webmaster services. 
  6. “Covered Software”: means the Licensed Software as defined in the Proposal License Agreement as well as the servers, networks, and  data centers where Eventtia hosts the Licensed Software for the Clients.
  7. “Additional Services”: means additional services that are not part of the Maintenance and Support Services, and that are agreed to in the Proposal License Agreement by you and Eventtia.
  8. “Maintenance Services”: updates and maintenance to the covered software
  9. “Additional Development”: means additional requested developments or features by you, that are not part of the covered software.


During the term of this Service Level Agreement, Eventtia agrees to provide the Maintenance and Support Services for the Covered Software. The Covered Software does not include Clients' developed software or third-party software except any third-party software already embedded in the Covered Software or Eventtia platform provided hosted servers. All Maintenance and Support Services shall be subject to the Level of Use purchased by the Client following the Proposal License Agreement


3.1 Priority levels

“High Priority”: For non-live events: means a critical full outage/severe issue that constitutes a catastrophic problem that causes complete inability to use the covered software, for organizers or attendees. 

For live events: it means a severe issue that is blocking the correct development of the event. 

“Medium Priority”: For non-live or live events: produces a detrimental situation in which the covered software is usable but materially incomplete;  performance (throughput or response) of the covered software degrades substantially such that there is a severe impact on use under reasonable loads; one or more mainline functions or commands is inoperable, or the use is otherwise significantly impacted. 

“Low Priority”: produces an inconvenient situation in which the covered software is usable, but does not provide a function most conveniently or expeditiously, but the user suffers little or no significant impact, and a workaround is available. Also, there could be a lack of knowledge from the client in the use of the covered software that could be fixed with a tutorial guide or video article from the knowledge base.

“Excluded”: means the following: (i) unavailability caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including, without limitation, an act of God, acts of government, emergencies, natural disasters, flood, fire, civil unrest, acts of terror, strikes or other labor problems (other than those involving our employees), or any other "Force majeure"  event or factors; (ii) any problems resulting from Customer's combining or merging the covered software with any hardware or software not supplied by us or not identified by us in writing as compatible with the covered software; (iii) interruptions or delays in providing the service resulting from telecommunications or internet service provider failures outside of our datacenter as measured by our third-party website availability monitoring provider; and (iv) any interruption or unavailability resulting from the misuse, improper use, alteration, or damage of the covered software.

3.2 Request types

"Bug”: Functionality in the platform that is not working properly.

“Configuration inquiry”: The client needs help with the configuration of the covered software. Examples: (i) client does not know how to set up a feature; (ii) client does not know how to download an existing report; (iii) client misconfigured a feature in the platform that can be fixed by the client; (iv) client didn’t create the networking module before opening registration. 

“Report inquiry”: The client needs a special report that can only be provided by the technical team.

“Misconfiguration inquiry”: The client misconfigured or didn’t configure a feature in the platform and it can only be fixed by the technical team. Examples: (i) changes in the event or networking dates.

“Premium/Upsell Services”: The client needs help with the configuration of the premium or upsells services. Examples: (i) personalized domain; (ii) personalized URL; (iii) more emails; (iv) more SMS.

“Malfunctioning”: A feature in the platform is not working correctly. 

“Product Feedback”: Clients provide feedback about the product.

"Services Feedback”: Clients provide feedback about the services.

“Development request”: The client requests a special development for their account or event.

“Other”:  Any other type of request that is not specified in the list above.

*Working hours 

**Resolution: Could be either the identification of the problem or the solution.


4.1 Global Support Services

“Email Support”: Email responses are provided during support hours only and in Spanish, English, and French language. We attempt to respond to email questions within 30 minutes; in practice, our responses are generally even faster. We do not promise or guarantee any specific response time.  We may limit or deny your access to support if we determine, in our reasonable discretion, that you are acting, or have acted, in a way that results or has resulted in misuse of support or abuse of Eventtia representatives. For access to this service please write an email to 

“Chat Support”: Chat responses are provided during support hours only and in Spanish, English, and French language. We attempt to respond to chat within 10 minutes; in practice, our responses are generally even faster. We do not promise or guarantee any specific response time.  We may limit or deny your access to support if we determine, in our reasonable discretion, that you are acting, or have acted, in a way that results or has resulted in misuse of support or abuse of Eventtia representatives.  For access to this service please access your Eventtia account and look for the purple chat logo at the left bottom of your account. 

4.2 Dedicated Customer Success Manager Services

“Onboarding Meeting”: Meeting that will be coordinated with your Account Sales Executive and your Customer Success Manager, it is the first meeting that you will have with the Eventtia team to organize the first event. This is a mandatory meeting to understand Eventtia and have a successful event, in case the client refuses or rejects the meeting, Eventtia will be not responsible for the problems that can cause the failure of the event.

“Follow-up Meetings”: Depending on the acquired plan each client will have a different number of follow-up meetings with the CSM.

4.3 Premium Support Services

“Type of Premium Support Services”: Services with an additional cost contracted in the Proposal License Agreement by the client before the event.

“Terms and Conditions for the Setting Up service”:

  1. All communication will be made through the email and the assigned CSM's email. 
  2. An initial onboarding meeting (1 hour) will be held with the client to discuss the extent of the hired services and expectations for the event(s). A list of requirements material will be handed out to the client. The first material delivered to the Eventtia team needs to be at least 50% of the requested material. 
  3. Once the CSM and Support Team have the pictures, fields and all the information, they will have between 1 to 72 hours (working hours) to set up the event. After this time the team will organize a meeting with the client (2 hours meeting) to validate the event.
  4. After this first follow-up meeting, the client will evaluate if it is needed to request changes. These changes need to be part of the Covered Software. 
  5. All the change requests have to be sent to ​ copying the CSM. Changes will be made between 1 to 72 working hours once they have been requested and the time will depend on the complexity of the change. We do not receive changes that involve setting up all the events or one of the modules of the event from the beginning.  We advise sending the full change request in one email and not several emails. 
  6. In case the change request is not part of the covered software and it is about a particular development, a new quotation will be sent to the client between 2-5 working days. 
  7. In the configuration, follow-up and demo meetings changes requests could be made, but it should not exceed one hour of set up time, in case the request exceeds this time an additional charge could be applied. 
  8. Working time will be from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. [GMT-5]
  9. Two (2) weeks before the event we will have a Demo transmission meeting. 
  10. This service does not include attendees' support. But tutorial articles and videos will be provided to the client. 
  11. This service does not include in-person support.
  12. Modules that will be set up will be the same acquired by the client in the Proposal License Agreement.
  13. The Eventtia team will use Toggl as a platform to control the time spent to set up the event and will send reports to the client every 15 days with the available time.  
  14. The configuration time hired in the plan is limited by a specific number of hours. Once the client consumed all the hours could buy more additional hours by reaching out to the CSM.
  15. Graphical design and pictures must be provided by the client.
  16. We do not work with HTML code for emails or websites. In case the client wants to use this type of code, the client can share with the Eventtia team the codes. 

“Terms and Conditions for Webmaster services”:

  1. The streaming services include 1 hour of testing. The client provides the step-by-step document or script for the streaming and attends the trial demo meeting.
  2. The client must organize the speakers' agenda with the Eventtia team to do the testing session and send the invites to the speakers.
  3. The webmaster services include Zoom Meetings (up to 500 pax) and/or StreamYard + Vimeo (Eventtia's account).
    ​* Vimeo account restricted to the fair Vimeo policies.

4.4 Support Limitations

  1. Issues resulting from your use of APIs or your modifications to code in the Subscription Service may be outside the scope of support. We will only provide support for integrations that are listed in-app as being supported by Eventtia.
  2. Changes that are made to the configuration of the event 24 hours or during the event day. 
  3. Problems during the event day that are not informed to the Eventtia Support Team right away, and are informed after the event ends. 
  4. Functionality of third platforms such as but not limited to Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, Meet, Teams, Daily, Streamyard, PayPal, PayU, Ingenico…

4.5  Included Services with the Proposal License Agreement 

Are part of the included services: the Global Support Services, Knowledge Base, and depending on the plan it will be included a Dedicated Customer Success Manager Services. Additional services need to be acquired by the client in the Proposal License Agreement or additional quotation.

4.6 Not included Services with the Proposal License Agreement

Maintenance and Support Services do not include any of the following: custom programming services; on-site support, including installation of  hardware or software; support of any software not Covered Software; training; out-of-pocket and reasonable expenses, including hardware and  related supplies; or any other activity outlined in this Maintenance Agreement that is deemed an Additional Service. 


Working hours: 

ESP: 2:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. GTM -5

ENG: 2:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. GTM -5

FR: 2:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. GTM -5



During the term of this Service Level Agreement, Eventtia will provide the services described herein to maintain the Covered Software in good working order, keeping it free from material defects and errors so that the Covered Software shall function following its specifications, the accepted level of performance and level of use outlined in the Proposal License Agreement

6.1 Maintenance Services 

Maintenance and Support are included in the Proposal License Agreement Fees and shall be provided as long as this Agreement is in force. 

During the term of this Maintenance Agreement, Eventtia will maintain the Covered Software by providing to the client all software updates and enhancements to the Covered Software (“Updates”) offered by Eventtia under its general maintenance policies. All Updates provided to the Client by Eventtia according to the terms of this Maintenance Agreement shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the Proposal License Agreement. Updates will be provided when available and include bug fixes, security updates, new features,  enhancements to existing features, and/or performance enhancements to existing features. 

Updates do not include product extensions to different hardware platforms, different operating system platforms, or different database  platforms. Updates also do not include new applications, new third-party tools, new functionality being sold to new Clients as separate modules, or add-on modules or custom software (whether created by Eventtia, Client, or a third party). 

Updates will be installed by Eventtia’s staff or automated processes. Updates will be scheduled to minimize disruption to the Client’s end users.  All updates will be installed within 30 days of public release. Neither Eventtia nor Client shall unreasonably delay installation. Updates to related documentation will be provided in electronic form. 

Eventtia assumes no responsibility for the operation or performance of any add-on modules, custom software, or integrated applications,  whether created by Eventtia, the Client, or a third party. 


The term of this Service Level Agreement shall commence on the Effective Date of the Proposal License Agreement, and shall expire when one of the following situations happens: 

  1. The Client provides written notice to Eventtia of its intent to not renew
  2. The Client does not pay the Fees of the plan. 
  3. The subscription plan established in the Proposal License Agreement has ended.