Introduction to the website editor

Eventtia will not only give you basic and static templates – we offer you a multi-featured website editor specialized for events. You can build your website by piling up thematic blocks that are automatically populated with your event information from the Eventtia platform. Each block has its own specific configurations. 

Understand the different icons

  • At the top right-hand side of the editor, five icons appear. From left to right, these icons allow you to:
    • Access the website's global settings (for more info on these settings, read this article)
    • Preview the website
    • Change the language
    • Save your changes
    • Publish your website
  • In the middle, three icons show a computer, a tablet and a phone. These allow you to test your website for each device. 
  • Just below this, you have the website's tabs. You can create as many pages as needed by clicking on the "+" sign and name it by clicking on the pencil button.
  • These pages will appear at the top of your website if you use a navbar block.

That's it for the general introduction! Read this article to see how each of the building blocks works.