How to receive payments with Eventtia

If you want to sell tickets or provide services related to your events, you need to use a payment platform. Fortunately, Eventtia allows easy payment management.

W integrate with five payment platforms:

      1. Stripe, used by our European and American clients  

      2. PayU, used by our Latin American clients.

      3. Paypal, used all over the world.

      4. Wompi, used by our Colombian clients

      5. Mercado Pago, used by our Latin American clients

 Step 1:

      • To collect payments, start by choosing and creating an account to access one of these four platforms. For more information on this process, see the relevant websites

  Step 2:    

      • To collect / receive payments, you must select your event and click on the pencil (upper left corner of the screen)

  Step 3:

    • Click on the "settings" tab to configure your payment information.

    • Choose the currency that will be used in your event, configure the value added tax that applies in your area and enter the information about your payment platform.

    • Use the following links for information on how to obtain your API credentials, depending on the platform you are using:
      - Stripe
      - PayU
      - PayPal
      - Wompi
      - Mercado Pago

    • Scroll down to enter the payment platform information.

Now you can start receiving payments with Eventtia!