How to manage the networking agenda

Understanding the agenda is essential for the smooth running of your networking session, allowing you and your participants to know where they should be, at what time. 

  • Participants can check their own agenda through the Virtual Stage or Mobile app. Read this article to see how to download the Mobile App for your in-person event. From either the app or the virtual stage they need to log into the event and go to the "Program" section and then to the "Meetings" tab.

  • The event organizer can also check participants' agendas individually in Eventtia Backoffice. Simply go to the relevant networking session, and to the "Participants" tab. Click on a participant's card. 
  • There you can see their entire agenda.
  • It is also possible to send your participants their agendas through the "Communications" module. Read this article to see how to send an email, then use the tags ${print_agenda_link} or ${print_agenda_button} to enable your participants to print their agenda.
  • The event organizer can also print off a list of the full agendas of every participant. To do so, click on the green "Actions" button in the top-right corner, then on "Print Agendas".
  • Choose which information you want, then click "Continue".
  • A PDF will automatically be generated, showing the full agendas of each participant, which you can then print.

Now you know everything about the networking agenda!