How to create a networking profile type

Networking profiles enable you to distinguish between two or more types of attendees of a networking session seeking to meet with other attendees. They make it possible to differentiate between a buyer and a seller or a participant and a speaker, in order to connect only the profiles with an interest in meeting each other.

Here's how it works:

Step 1.

  • Go to the "Networking" module and select the session concerned.
  • Click on the "Networking Profiles" tab, then on the "Start creating your participant types by clicking here" link.
  • Fill in the general information specific to the profile you are creating:
    • Name of the profile (eg Seller)
    • Price (registration fee for the Networking session)
    • Start date and end date of the calendar
    • Requires a location (Table Assignment)
    • Can block slots (can indicate slots of non-availability)
    • Types of participants (the types of participants going under this Networking profile, eg Participants and VIPs for a Buyer profile and Exhibitors for a Seller profile)
    • Categories (offer or purchase: for sale events)
  • Save.
  • Once saved, you can, in the "Attendee types" section, indicate whether you want to make registration for the Networking session mandatory for the types of participants selected under this profile.

Step 2.

  • Click on the "Networking Form" tab to add a section specific to the Networking session on the registration form.
  • You can add the information fields of your choice by clicking on "New". When a participant registers for an event, these fields will appear on the registration form, allowing you to gather the networking information you need about them.

You are ready to create your networking profile types. Let's do this!