Eventtia On-site app

During the event, sometimes you need to check-in and even register participants without going through the web platform. Eventtia has designed an application that will enable us to do both at the same time.

Part 1 : How to register attendees through the app?

  • First thing you need to do, go to your phone's application store, then download the "Eventtia On-site" application.

  • Then log in to the application with your Eventtia user credentials.

NB : you can have an unlimited number of devices connected to the app with the same credentials.


  • Once logged in, go to the burger menu of the top left side : 
  • Then select “Attendees” in the list : 

  • Click on “New attendee” button :

  • Fill in your participant registration form :


  • Once filled in, hit “Save” to confirm your participant registration. 
  • If you wish to check-in the participant directly after registration, you can always click on the “Save & Check in” button.
    You should now see the participant in the list. In the meantime, an automated email has been sent to the participant to confirm the registration. 

Part 2 : Check-in your attendees with app

  • You can access the list of participants to check in from the “dashboard” or from the “attendees” menu : 

  • Like on the check-in app, you can scan participant QR code by using the green camera icon : 


             Dashboard                       Attendees                    Activities                  Checkpoints

  • Point out your camera toward the QR code as below : 

  • If the QR code is correct and corresponding to the event, you should see a green message “Attendees checked-in” 
  • If the QR is incorrect, you should see a red message with an error.

                                    Training Materials Preparation (4)        Training Materials Preparation (4)-1

  • On the same interface, at the bottom, you can decide if you want to scan per event, per activity or per checkpoint. 
  • You can also check a participant manually, using the 3 dots icon and then “check-in”.
    Training Materials Preparation (4)-2
  • Once correctly checked in, the participant status is switched from “Pending” to “Checked in” : 


The application can also be used offline if you don't have an Internet connection at your disposal. You can synchronize it once you regain internet access. 

  • You have to go to the "Settings" : 
    Training Materials Preparation (4)-3
  • Then you activate the option "Offline mode" :
    Training Materials Preparation (4)-4
  • When you have internet after that, the sync will be automatic and you can see all synchronized data by clicking on "Manage" : 
    Training Materials Preparation (4)-Feb-09-2024-04-01-44-1713-PM

Now you know how to use Eventtia On site App!