What is the difference between a Native App and a PWA (Progressive Web App)

Progressive web apps are different from the native mobile apps that we're familiar with. 

  • PWAs leverage the capabilities and accessibility of the web within the well-known app shell. 
  • These web-based apps function much like a native app would and can house many of the same features. 
  • There's no download needed, just a simple launch. 
  • And the progressive technology even means that browser choice won't affect a user's ability to experience a PWA.
  • In conclusion, they are fast, easy to install and carry almost the same functionality as native apps.

The main difference between web apps and native apps is that native apps are made especially for one platform – whether it be Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. They also require memory from the device, and more often than not people don't have enough memory on their devices.

By contrast, web apps are coded to be used in a browser but can be “installed” on a phone by just pinning the page to the home screen. They behave pretty much like native apps but aren’t in control of all of the hardware.

It's important to highlight that the industry tendency is to move from native apps to PWAs due to its versatility!

¡Now you know that a PWA is a great alternative to a native app!