Manage your participants profiles

With Eventtia, you can follow in real time all registration activity from the first registration of a participant online.

To do this, simply go to the " Registration " module of the menu, then click on " Attendees ". You will find the list of attendees registered for your event.

This article will show you how to:

  • Create a new attendee
  • View and edit attendees' information
  • See which attendees are pending validation
  • Approve an attendee awaiting validation
  • View and/or edit an attendee's check-in status
  • Export a list of attendees to Excel
  • Use the various other tools available

    1. Create a new attendee:

    • Click on the green "Actions" button at the top right-hand corner of the screen, then on "New". You can then access the registration form which you can complete.

    2. View and edit attendees' information: 

    • Select an attendee's profile card and click on it to access his/her registration details. You can edit the information directly, then "Save".
    • This section also allows you to view:
      1. The attendee's Payment Status
      2. Any Messages you have sent to the attendee
      3. The Category to which the attendee belongs (more information here)
      4. The attendee's Networking information (if applicable)
      5. Any internal Notes which you have added to the attendee's profile (more information here)
      6. Other Events which this attendee has participated in.

    3. See which attendees are pending validation: 

    • If you have attendees waiting for validation, you will find a list of those pending validation in the subtab "Pending validation".

    4. Approve an attendee waiting for validation: 

    • To validate an attendee's registration, click on the three dots at the top right-hand corner of this attendee box. Then click on "Validate registration"
    • You will find the same configuration if you click on one attendee box.

    5. View and/or edit an attendee's check-in status

    • In the subtab "Confirmed" (where only the registered participants are displayed), you can manage the check-in process. On each attendee's card, click on the "Check-in" or "Uncheckin" icons according to your needs.
    • However, for faster management of participant's registration, you have the option of the Eventtia Check-in mobile App
      To learn how to use the app, click here.

    6. To export the list of attendees to an Excel file: 

    • Click on "Actions", then on " Export to Excel " at the top right-hand corner of the Attendees page to generate an Excel file with the entire list of attendees that you will have filtered through the "Advanced options".
    • To export all attendees without any filter just click on "Export all to Excel".

    7. Other attendee options:

    • Clicking on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of a participant's card gives you the following options:
      1. Download a PDF of the participant's profile
      2. See a preview of the Registration Summary which will be sent to the participant, showing their registration status (payment pending, finalized etc.)
      3. Check-in/Uncheck-in the participant
      4. Generate the secret code which the participant can use to get into the app
      5. See a preview of the welcome email the participant will receive when they register
      6. Resend an email to the participant confirming their registration for the event
      7. See the participant's filled-out registration form
      8. Print the participant's badge
      9. Reject the participant's registration
      10. Delete the participant
      11. Filter to show other members of the participant's group

    There you go! You now know everything about managing your attendees with Eventtia!