How to use the colors for my Virtual Stage?

In this section you will be able to change the colors used in the Virtual Stage.

  •        Go to the module “Virtual Stage” and click on the "Virtual stage settings”section.
  •        Then go to the section "User interface" and at the bottom you will find the option “Colors”.

The primary color is the most used in the Virtual Stage; it is found in the navigation bar, the acceptance buttons, active elements in the lateral bar, etc.

The secondary color is mainly used in the cancellation buttons and other minor details.

The color of the navigation bar is the one used for the left bar in the Virtual Sage.

Finally, you can add contrast by activating the “Dark mode” style, which will darken the text color used in the navigation bar and the acceptance and cancellation buttons.

  •        You will be able to choose the color of your preference and that fits your event by clicking on the arrow to visualize the colors available.

You already know how to customize your Virtual Stage with the right colors for your event.