How to set up the Events Widget from your website composer

The "widget" will allow you to display the list of events for a particular account, they are classified into three categories (current, past, future) and allows you to search for a particular event by its name.

Step 1 :

Access the website composer :     


In order to include the event's widget on the website of your event, you must first go to your web composer and in the sidebar select the “Free Block” option.

Step 2 : 

Once in here, you will drag and drop the "HTML" block on your web composer page :

Step 3 : 

Click inside the block so that the available features are displayed on the left bar :

1/ In the "HTML" section :

  • Copy and paste the following code : 

<div id="eventtia-widget">

<div id="evt-events-wrapper"></div>


2/ In the "Javascript" section :

  • Copy and paste the following code :

var script = document.createElement('script');

script.setAttribute('id', 'ev-script');

script.setAttribute('data-title', 'Other Events');

script.setAttribute('data-description', 'Short description');

script.setAttribute('data-lang', 'en');

script.setAttribute('data-accent-color', '#AC7822');

script.setAttribute('data-ev-api-key', "87dc7f2e-0918-4765-a");

script.src = '';


Step 4 : 

To link your account to the event portal, go to general information, then copy your API key :

Go back to the website composer and in the code associated with "Javascript", paste your API Key in the place of the code indicating "api-key" 

NB: Do not delete the quotation marks, only the code inside the quotation marks must be modified. 

Step 5 : 

You can now customize your widget by changing the attributes in the Javascript code. (only the code inside the quotes and in bold).

  1. To change the title : 
My Events

2. For a small description of the interface :

                                           script.setAttribute('data-description', 'Description');

3. For the interface language (fr/en/es) :

                                            script.setAttribute('data-lang', 'en'); 

4. To change the colors of the interface : color-code


Use the "Preview" function below to preview the portal

Now you know how to set up your events widget :)