How to send a reminder to participants with pending meeting confirmations

With Eventtia, appointments for networking events are made in predefined time slots. The confirmation of an appointment therefore depends on the validation of this request, otherwise the applicant cannot use the slot in which the request remains indefinitely pending for another appointment. To ensure optimal use of the available slots and thus a better return for the event, the organizers have to be able to send reminder emails to the participants with requests pending validation.

The steps to sending a reminder email are as follows:

Step 1.

  • Go to the "Registration" module and click on "Communications".

  • Then access mass emails by clicking on the button "Mass Emails".

Step 2.

  • Once in the mass emails, click on the green button "Actions" and then on "New".

  • Select the attendee type to which you want to send the communication.

  • Apply the different filters you need.

  • Enable the Networking option by clicking on the Networking session(s) you have created . Then select the filter "Send to participants with pending confirmation meetings".

Step 3.

  • Write your message using the necessary tags and save it by clicking on the "Save"  blue button.

  • You will end on a window showing your draft and statistics for the audience reached.

  • When clicking on the green button "Actions", you will be able to "Send test mail", "Edit" your draft or "Send" it.

That's it, you know everything about sending reminder email. Be on the lookout for unconfirmed slots and optimize your Networking event.