How to print label-format badges with a Zebra Printer

Please follow these steps in order to configure your Zebra printer and print your event badges manually

This setup works exclusively with Zebra printers with Browser Print Supports

Our recommendation would be ZD500

  1. Before you begin, it's important that you get compatible printing stickers for this printer. Depending on your printer and the desired size for your badges, the ZD500 printer allows up to 10cm  (3.93in) wide paper.
  2. Having this ready you would have to install the printer software

Important note: Make sure to select the correct operating system (Windows or Mac OS)

Go to the following link to download the software:

3. Now you would have to set up the printer in Eventtia

Go to your event and access all participant types. In the badge tab select "ZEBRA" as your printer type.

You can manually set up the label by adding the size in the PT field, the X and Y position in pixels, and activating the fields you want to print.

This setup must be done for each one of your Participant Types

4. For setting up your labels you can use the following site:

5. Once it's configured you should upload the file "upload file"

6. Next, you need to open the installed software from Step 3 using Google Chrome so the system recognizes the extension. 

7. Once you've finished those steps you should go to the "Advanced Settings" from the Registration module and select the "ZEBRA" printer


8. Now you'd have to select the printer you've just installed

You have finished installing the Zebra printer!

Now, for printing the stickers you would have to go to the Registration Module > Participants > Action button > Print badges 

Note: It also works fine using Firefox and Edge, however it's important to install the extension in Chrome first so it could work in other browsers. For any additionla doubts or questions please reach out to 

Now you know how to set up your Zebra printer to start printing your event badges!