Connect Eventtia with Stripe

Follow up the following tutorial in order to integrate Eventtia with Stripe. 

Please remember that you will need to have an active Stripe account.

Step 1.

  • Click here and log in to Stripe.

Step 2.

  • Go to "home" and then got your "API Keys". You will found the "Stripe secret api key" and "Stripe publishable api key".

Step 3.

  • Copy both keys and go to your event in your Eventtia's account.  Go to the little "pencil" under the logo and then to "settings"

Step 4.

  • Scroll down and you will found Stripe option. Paste the Secret api key and the Stripe publishable api key, that you obtained in step 2.


Step 5

  • Scroll down and save changes.

Important Information: You can set up your Stripe account to connect it with Apple Pay for Apple devices, you just have to connect your Stripe account with the domain

On your account settings from Stripe you should go to "Payment methods" and then select " "Apple Pay"  click on  "Add new domain" and enter the domain

apple pay
When your participants pay they would have the option to select "Apple Pay"
apple pay 2
If you have any questions you can reach out to us to

All done! Stripe is set up on your event to receive payments