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Broadcast your activity with YouTube on your Virtual Stage

The activities you offer at your events are no longer in a specific physical location but rather online? In this article, learn how to configure them in Eventtia.

Whether it's a meeting platform or a webinar, a live streaming solution or even a video hosted on a broadcasting platform, we'll show you what to do!


1- Configure the streaming platform on Eventtia

  • Go to the "Program" module and then to the "Activities" sub-module

  • Create a new activity by filling in the necessary fields: activity name, start and end date and available places, permissions for participants

  • In the "Transmission type" box, select the platform chosen and enter the url link associated with the activity in question. This link will be posted in the agenda of the Virtual Stage and associated with each activity.

  • Click on "Save"

2- Choose the streaming platform corresponding to your needs

Eventtia offers you to link your activity to several platforms, which will not have the same utility:

  • Google meet, Webex, Zoom or Microsoft teams: if you organize conferences or webinars. Just add the link previously created in the "Distribution url" box

  • Youtube: If you want to integrate a video or do live streaming. Just add the video integration code (or iframe). To retrieve the integration code, follow the following steps:

STEP 1: Go to the page of the video you want to insert. You will find a functionality indicating "Share":

STEP 2: Select "Embed"

STEP 3: The video code appears, all you have to do is copy and paste it into the "Streaming embed code" box of your activity.

Other: If you are using a live streaming platform that is not present in the list, select "Other" and integrate the corresponding link in the "Streaming embed code" box. You must first retrieve this link from your live streaming provider.

You can now connect to the virtual stage: your activities are ready to start!