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How to stream your activity with Zoom embedded on the Virtual Stage

January 2021 updates

1. Small group rooms are now supported.

2. Translation of subtitles.

3. Surveys are now supported.

To use Zoom's built-in option to broadcast your activities, you can choose one of the following methods: First, you will need to create an app on the Zoom Marketplace.

Go to the Zoom Market Place, click on "Sign in" and log into your account and click Manage:

  • Then, on the Develop button, click Create App:
  • Then in the JWT section, click Create:

Fill in the necessary information and obtain the Application Credentials. At the time of expiration, we suggest putting a date and time after your events.

Important: Never click the "regenerate" button when copying the Api Secret, also never go back to this page after the initial set up or the codes will change and give you issues on your meetings

  • Back in Eventtia, in your activity, paste the API key, API secret and JWT token, and your Zoom user email (for the webinar option, the "Require attendee registration" function still it is not compatible):
  • Note that if you have a setting called "Personal Meeting Identifier" in Zoom, it is recommended to disable it. Here we show you how to do it. 

Supported browsers

It is also very important to know from which devices you can connect to the activities that take place in Zoom, within your Virtual Stage:



Audio in NOT supported with iOs and Safari devices

Desktop browsers:


Important note: Now your events streamed with Zoom inside the Virtual Stage are completely private, the option to share the URL of the streaming is not longer available

Now you are ready to embed Zoom within Eventtia!