Add sponsors to the Virtual Stage

In order to give your sponsors greater visibility during your event, it is now possible to present their logos on the Virtual Stage/progressive app. Here we show you how:

Step 1.

In the modules on the left of your screen, go to the Sponsors option.

Step 2.

Start adding your sponsors from the "Actions" button on the right of the screen, click "New" and add the information of the sponsor.

Step 3.

The sponsors logos' will be visible in the home page of the Virtual Stage. If there are more than 5 sponsors, the logos will be shown in a carrousel. If desired, the logos may be visible within the Virtual Stage in different sections.

Step 4. 

With our "Categories" feature you can group your sponsors according to the criteria you want. Following the instructions in Step 1 you must go to the "Actions" option but in this case click on the "Manage categories" option.

Step 5.

Once here click the "Actions" button again and click "New". This will open the necessary fields to fill in the information you want to include.

This is how your sponsors will look like on the Virtual Stage once you finish configurarting this module:

And when you click on one of them, you will see it as follows:

Now you know how to add sponsors to your Virtual Stage!