Add a contact form to your website

Be sure to provide enough communication channels for your attendees so they can easily contact you when they have questions or comments about your event. Here's how to add a contact form to your event website:

Step 1.

Go to the Website Editor.
Create a new Contact Us page. Then click "Close".

Then click the Contact form module on the left menu of the screen:

Drag the contact form to a building block on the right:

Step 2.

Click on the larger box surrounding the contact form. A settings panel will appear on the left. It will allow you to choose a background color and a background image. Click "Close" when done.

Click the second largest box surrounding the contact form, a menu on the left will appear. There you will be able to move your form a bit more to the right or left and make it wider.

Finally, click the smallest block surrounding the "Contact Form" block. There you can configure the email to which the form is sent each time someone fills it out. 

Now you can add another channel of communication to your site!