How to create a new user

In order to share information and actions with other members of your team or an external actor, Eventtia allows you to create multiple users.

In Eventtia you have two types of users:
  1. Admin: Having access to all the general features.
  2. User: Having limited access to a perimeter of events and limited feature-management rights.

Step 1.

  • To create a new user, select the "Users" module at the top of the menu bar and click the "New" button.

  • Fill in the identity information of this new user, assign him a password and define a user type (user or admin) then click on the blue "Create user" button.

  • If you tick the "Superadmin" box you have nothing to configure because he has general permissions on all the features and all the events. 
  • If not, you will have to configure the general "Permissions" as well as the specific rights for each section.

  • Select an option from the dropdown menu to configure their specific rights for each section.
  • For more information on this section, read this article.

Step 2.

  • To give the user access to rights on an event, you have to go to the "Events" tab. Once in the tab, click on the green "Actions" button and then on "Add event" to give him access to the management of one of your existing events. 

  • Choose an event from the dropdown list of events on your Eventtia account, then "Save".  

  • Once saved, the event will appear under the "Events" tab. you will then need to configure the specific rights in relation to the management of that event. To do this, click on the three dots to the right of the event block, and then on "Add permissions".     
  • When the configuration is complete, click "Save" and move onto another event or create another user if needed.

You now know how to create a new user with Eventtia and set up the usage rights.

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