How to set up registration for your activities

Events with activities in parallel are very common. Therefore, Eventtia allows you to set up your activities so that your participants can register for them at the time of registration to the event. These activities will then be available in the registration form and participants will be able to select the ones they wish to participate in.

Here are the steps to follow to set up registration for your activities:

Step 1.

  • Go to the "Program" module and click on the "Activities" section.

Step 2.

  • Once in the menu, select the date and activity you want to open for registration. Several tabs will show you the different dates you have scheduled activities. Just click on the tab of your choice and select an activity by clicking on the three little dots at the right-hand side of the box and then on "edit".

Step 3.

  • Once into the activity settings, check the option "Allow registration for this workshop".
  • Once the option is selected, you will be able to decide for which types of participants to open registration to this activity and set the prices for each of them if the activity is paid. Do not forget to "Save
  • (Repeat the action for all the activities you want)

  • If you do not have any participant types configured yet, please find out how to create one by clicking this link: How to create attendees types.

Step 4.

  • Each participant may therefore, when registering, choose the activities he / she wishes to participate in.
  • Restrictions related to schedule conflicts may occur in case of time slots similarities between activities.
  • Finally, you will find a summary of the registration with detailed costs of general registration and registration to activities.

You now know how to set up registration for your activities.

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