Use Google Webex to stream your event:

In this article you will learn how to set up Cisco Webex as the streaming platform for your meeting for either a webinar or a meeting platform; it is an excellent alternative for a live stream.

Below you can see the steps to configure Cisco Webex in Eventtia:

Step 1.

Enter the "program" module and then the "activities" submodule  

Step 2.

Select the activity you want to set up a streaming platform for:

Step 3.

Once you select your activity you will see the configuration windows, and in it you will find the “Virtual Stage Settings”.

Step 4.

Once you enter the Virtual Stage Configuration window you will be able to select Cisco Webex as your streaming platform, and you’ll need to select the option that will allow your participants to be redirected to the meeting on Cisco Webex.

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