Set up registration forms

For each type of attendee that you create, you can configure a specific registration form.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1. 

  • In the "Registration" module, go to the "Type" category.

  • Click on the type of participant for  which you want to configure the registration form. 
  • You can also create a new type of participant if needed: Click here to learn how.

  • Once the form is open, go to the "Registration Form" tab 

Step 2. 

Eventtia proposes by default some fields (For example: Name, first name, Email, Company ...) but only the first three are always obligatory.

  • You can create new fields if needed by clicking on the green button "New" at the top right-hand corner of the screen, but you can also edit an existing field, rename it and change its configuration. To do this, click on a pencil-shaped edit button on the relevant field.

When you create a new field, or edit an existing one, you can:

  • Hide fields that are not useful to you. 
  • Determine whether a field is required or not by filling the box "Required field". 

You have the option to create the following types of fields:

  • Text field: One line of text (Use it to collect short answers)
    • This field allows you to configure a restriction via the field "Validation" (Only numbers or only letters) and a limit in the number of characters via the field "Maximum characters allowed".
    • For example, if you limit the registration to 3 people per company and you request the SIREN number, you can complete the "The value of this field is unique and can repeat __3__ times" line.

  • Text area: A space for longer text 
  • Dropdown list: Drop-down menu with configurable options of which the participant can choose one. 
  • Multiple Selection: A list of configurable options of which the participant can choose several. 
  • Image: JPG and PNG files are accepted (up to 5MB).
  • Plain text: An explanatory text in the middle of your form (Ex: thank you for answering these questions about your trip).
  • Datetime: Allows your participants to enter the date/time which would work best for them.
  • City: Value composed by three consecutive fields: Country, region and city. 
  • File: All file types are accepted up to 10MB. 
  • Terms and Conditions: Add either a file or a URL (if your Terms and Conditions are online), so that your participant can access the Terms and Conditions from the registration form.

If you want any field to be required to validate the form, check the  "Require field" box. If you want to hide the registration form field, uncheck the "Show in public registration form" box.

You can create as many fields as you want and rearrange them by dragging & dropping. It's your turn!

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