How to clone your event

This is a feature that allows you to replicate an existing event in order to save even more time when creating a new one. If you've already made an event that you think will be similar to a future one, you don't necessarily have to start from scratch.

Here we'll explain to you how to do it:

Step 1.

From your event dashboard, click on the green "Actions" button and then on "Clone":

Step 2.

Find the event that you wish to clone using the search bar, then select the modules you want to copy into your new event and finally, click on "Clone":

Step 3.

Once the event is cloned, it is important that you edit any old information for new information. Remember to update the event name, dates, and URL, in particular. Also, remember to update the information on the event website.  

Note: The attendee database will not be transferred to the cloned event.

Now you know how to duplicate an event in Eventtia!

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