How to categorize attendees

While navigating your attendees in Eventtia is generally a simple task, it can sometimes be a daunting prospect,  especially when you have hundreds of participants.

You are now able to categorize your attendees according to the needs of your event.

Follow these steps to create your first category:

Step 1.

  • Go to the "Registration" module and to the "Attendees" section.

Step 2.

  • Click on the card of the attendee you want to categorise, and go to the "Categories" section.

Step 3.

  • Click on "Add category". Give your category a name and click "Save".

Step 4.

  • Activate the category by ticking the box, and click "Save".

  • You can now search for attendees from a particular category, or send targeted messages to one category. 
  • When you create a mass email in the "Communications" module, the option to target a specific category will appear in the email editor menu.

That's it! You now know how to categorize your attendees!

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