How to manage stands booking

Once all your booths have been created and the booking requests begin to arrive, you can assign booths to the exhibitors of your choice. To do this, simply follow the steps below:
First, read this article to see how to create a stand.

Step 1.

  • Go to the "Exhibitors" module and click on "Stands".

  • Once in the "Stands" section, select one of the stands still available by clicking on the little pencil button displayed.
  • The stands are distinguished by three statuses; Available (Green), Reserved (Orange) and Sold (Red). 

Step 2.

  • Once on the stand editing menu, click on the "Reservation" tab. If you already have companies in your Directory, search for them in the "Company" bar. 
  • You can also directly add a company to your Directory, by clicking on the green "New" button. 

  • In the creation menu, name the company and add all the information you have on it. Note that although only the name is mandatory, however it is very important to provide the information requested. Indeed, once their account is created, the exhibitor can only change the name, the logo, the description and add a website.

  • Remember to "Save" once the editing is complete.

Step 3.

  • Once your exhibitor is created, write its name and click "Save" again.

  • Different options appear.

  • Create an exhibitor account by clicking on the  "Create an account" link. The credentials you choose will be used by the exhibitor to access his account on the event website. This account will allow him to connect to the exhibitors space, complete his profile, order extra services or start networking. All you have to do is send him his credentials by mail, via the communication module. 
    • Read this article for more information about the "Communications" module.
  • The exhibitor will then be able to register through the website with his credentials.

Step 4.

  • Once the stand has been paid for by the exhibitor, the status will change from "Reserved" to "Sold".  You can then register a payment. To do this, go back to "Stands" and select the exhibitor who has paid.

  • Go to the "Payment" tab and select "Add payment".

  •  Then fill in the payment details: 
    • Description (cash payment, bank transfer etc.)
    • Amount
    • Operation (deposit or charge)

  • Click "Save".

There you go! You now know how to manage stand reservations. Let's get started!

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