How to create a stand

Creating a stand is the step after zone creation. In fact, a zone is composed of several stands, which you create as follows: 

Step 1.

  • Go to the "Exhibitors" module in your event.
  • Choose "Stands" and then select "Create the first stand".

  • Or click on the green "New" button if you have already created some stands.

Step 2.

  • You can now configure the stand by filling out the required information:
    • The identifier refers to the name of your stand

Step 3.

  • By clicking on the pencil icon, you can assign a particular stand to one of the companies from your Directory.

  • Simply go to the "Reservation" tab, select a company from your Directory (read this article to see how to configure your Directory), and a contact from that company.
    • Where possible, this contact should be the person who will actually be in charge of the stand at the event, rather than the company CEO, for example.

  • If you have not already added the company to your Directory, you can create them directly from here by clicking the green "New" button.

Step 4.

  • When you have created your stand, the "Stands" module will show you all your stands and the corresponding information (Status, exhibitor, price, company logo...).

There you go! Go ahead and enjoy creating your stands.

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