How to create a zone

If your event is an exhibition, trade show or if you have to manage exhibitors within your event, you need this module! You're going to  learn how to manage  zones and stands.

A zone is an area of your event where you place a group of stands. A stand is a space rented or granted to an exhibitor. For any event, you need to have at least one zone.  

Step 1. 

  • To create a zone, go to the "Exhibitors" module in your event, choose "Zones" and then select "New"

Step 2.

  • When you click on "New", you can configure your zone by filling the required information. 

  • You must set the stand capacity of the zone (how many stands fit in the zone).
  • You can also add your zone plans.

Step 3.

  • The "Zones" module will show you a graphic with all your zones, the capacity and the number of available stands

  • You can also edit your zone by clicking on the little pencil button available on each zone presentation space. 

Now you know how to create your booths!

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