How to manage companies and contacts data

Eventtia allows you to manage your database according to your own information and market segmentation.

Step 1: View existing companies and contacts

  • By clicking on “Companies” or “Contacts” in the “Directory”, you can access your database list.  

Step 2: Create new companies or contacts

  • Simply click on the green "New" button. 

  • Fill out the information needed and remember to assign categories, product and services for your market segmentation.

Step 3: Export your database to Excel

  • To export all this information to an Excel file, simply click the "Export to Excel" button. 

  •  Choose which fields to export by changing the button from OFF to ON

Step 4: Database details

  • By clicking on the magnifying glass icon of one company, you can find different sections that will help you to organize your database better.

  • General information: All the company information you have filled out. 
  • Branch: Branches of the company with their locations and other information.
  • Contacts: People who work for the company and its branches, with their main information.
  • Change history: A record of company information, including anything that has been deleted and who did it.
  • Activity history: All the activities related to the company and contacts. This section is a good support for commercial matters.

There you go! You can now easily manage your contacts' and companies' information from the Directory.


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