How to set up pricing tiers

When you’re organizing an event, mastering ticket sales is always a primary concern.

That’s why there is a good chance you’ll do anything not only to sell as many tickets as you can, but also to do so at the right price. Pricing Tiers allow you to configure a date-based pricing scheme that changes automatically based on your preferences for one or more attendee types.

Half-day tickets, Early Bird promotions, and VIP tickets are all great examples of pricing tiers that can work well to get your participants buying tickets quickly.

Here's how to set them up (you can configure as many tiers as needed):

  • After you have created the attendee type, click on the tab "Pricing Tiers" and click on "New".

After you have clicked on "New", you can enter the price (VAT included) and the time frame in which that price will be available:

Click on "Save" and that's it! As simple as that, you have established your Pricing Tier. Here's how it will look after you have set up several levels:

Important Example:

  • From the 16th until the 30th of May the ticket price is EUR 100.
  • From the 1st until the 20th of June the price changes to EUR 120. 

When this tier is enabled, if there are participants that registered during the first tier and haven't paid, their ticket price will be updated from EUR100 to EUR 120. 

One thing to note is that if for some reason your event starts on the 21st of June, but the last tiers end 2 days before (June 19th), the price of the last tier will be used.

You now know how to set up pricing tiers that will get your participants to quickly buy your tickets!

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