How to set up the Directory on Eventtia

The Directory feature is a very useful tool to set up your Stakeholders information (companies, contacts, categories, products & services). It enables you to fill out each company’s main information only once (Company ID, Commercial name, products & services etc.). This is useful to avoid filling out all the information again and again for each of the events, workshops or exhibitions your partner will participate in. 

The steps to configure the Directory are the following

Step 1.

  • Select Directory in the navigation bar, then click on the Settings wheel.

Step 2.

  • From the fields that Eventtia has already setup, you can configure those which participants are "required" to fill out and/or those which "should be unique" in your database. To do so, edit each field by clicking on the three little dots at the right hand side.

  • Then configure the field depending on your needs.

You also have the possibility to create a new field of your choice. 

Step 1.

  • To do so, still in the Directory settings, click on the green "New" button on the upper-right hand side of the screen.

Step 2.

  • Enter the field name, choose the type and choose whether it should be required or not.

There you go! You can now easily configure your Event Directory feature.

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