ARTICLE: An Overview of the Modules

Every time you create an event, Eventtia proposes several modules that you can use to build your event. Inside your event, you will see a menu bar presenting the modules you selected when creating your event.


You need to register attendees for your event and sell tickets. This module allows you to create and configure the different types of participants you will be hosting at your event, manage registration forms, and design and print badges. 


This module allows you to configure all your event activities and manage your speakers. If your event needs multi-session registration, then you need to use this module.  


Want to organize business meetings among your attendees? In this module, you can configure your event to have one-to-one business meetings. Here, you can define all the rules for the networking meetings and manage participants. An online space will be created so your attendees can network and plan their own meetings.


If you are planning a trade show or an exhibition, you’ll need to manage exhibitors. In this module, you can create and configure stands and make bookings and sales. It also allows you to create an online space where you can manage your exhibitors’ requirements and communicate with them. 


This module will help you efficiently manage attendee invoices and payments by easily generating event invoices. Have your attendees paying with one click, as the invoice document will redirect them to the payment interface. After paying the invoice, attendees will automatically receive a payment confirmation.

Points of interest

Is your event happening in several places at the same time? Do you want to share with your participants all the different hotels, restaurants, or other places around your event?  In this module you can geolocalize all these places, and they will appear in your event page.  

The dashboard will adapt to your event, and show you relevant reports and stats about your activity. The Files module allows you to store files concerning your event.

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