How does the Social Wall module work?

Nowadays, social networks play a very important role in the world of events. They are vital from the beginning to the end of the event, helping in the promotion and launch phase of the event, allowing participants to interact during the event and allowing the organizers to communicate information about it before, during and after the fact. Through its "Social Wall" module, Eventtia allows you to have a network specific to your event, manageable directly from the platform's Backoffice.

Here's how the Social Wall module works:

Step 1.

  • The "Social Wall" module is only used to manage posts made from the mobile application. Indeed, the social network provided by Eventtia is accessible directly from the mobile application. 
  • To access the application, go to the "Mobile Experience" module, then click on "Application Settings".
  • Once in the settings, click on the "Preview" tab. The access link is just below the mobile preview.

Step 2.

  • Access the link from your mobile phone or tablet. Once on the link, install the application shortcut on your home screen: How to save the application on your home screen.
  • Once the application is saved, go to the "Social wall" module on the application. You will be able to click on the blue pencil edition button to make a post on the event's wall.
  • Write your text, then add a photo, video, audio recording, or any other type of file if necessary. To do this, click the blue camera-shaped button below the editing area.
  • Once your file is attached, click "Send". The publication will then appear on the wall of the event allowing participants to comment on it and to add a "like" mention.

Step 3.

  • By going to the "Social wall" module from your Backoffice, you can moderate the posts and comments left by your participants.
  • Click on the small magnifying glass to the right of the publication to manage it.

  • You can then delete the entire publication by clicking on the red "Delete" button or delete the comments one by one according to your needs. To do this, click on the trash-shaped button located on the right of each line of comment.

There you go, you now know how Eventtia's "Social Wall" module works. Use it wisely!

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