How does the Q&A module work?

The Q&A module has been designed to facilitate interaction between speakers and conference participants. Indeed, this tool makes it possible to ask questions to the speakers, via the application, without interrupting their presentation. This tool is even more necessary when it comes to high-volume conferences, when all participants do not have a microphone for example.

The steps to creating a Q&A session are as follows:

Step 1.

  • Go to the "Mobile Experience" module and click on the "Q&A Sessions" section.

  • Then click on the blue "Create new session" button.

  • Once the session editor is open, you will need:
    • To name it.
    • Describe it.
    • Define which Workshop it corresponds to.
    • Define which type(s) of participants may be involved.
    • Turn it on.
    • Save it.

Step 2.

  • Once created and published, participants can ask the speaker questions during the conference via the Eventtia mobile application. To do this, they should go to the "Q&A Session" section of the application, enter their email address, choose the conference and write their questions.

  • Once the questions have been written, they will appear to all the participants on the app and more importantly, to the speaker who can answer them according to his organization.
  • The questions will appear not only on the application, but also in the "Questions" tab of the module, on the Backoffice. It is therefore possible from the Backoffice to delete some if necessary.

That's it, you know everything about the operation of Eventtia's "Session Q&A" module.

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