How to manage Push notifications

A push notification, unlike a classic notification, is an instant message sent as a notification. Eventtia allows you to send push notifications to your participants via its web application. This function will allow you to send small messages to alert your participants about possible news on your event.

The steps to push notification management are as follows:

Step 1.

  • Go to the "Mobile experience" module, then click on the "Push notifications" section.

  • Once in the notification creation module, write the message and the subject, then click on "Send".

Step 2.

  • Once the notification is sent, the participants will find it on the application and will be able to consult it by clicking on the notifications section.

NB: Sent notifications cannot be deleted neither from Eventtia's application nor from your Backoffice. If needed, please contact Eventtia support at ( ).

Push notifications work for all devices except for iOS, Safari and Chrome. In that case, participants will have to go directly to the notifications module of their app to read them.

That's it, you know everything about push notifications.

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