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Eventtia is a powerful and complete event management tool. Resulting from four years of R&D and substantial field experiences, Eventtia offers you the most complete and flexible solution on the event management market. Its design makes it compatible with all types of events. In addition, the platform is regularly updated to meet market's evolution and customer's evolving needs. 

Choosing Eventtia is therefore choosing a complete, intuitive and safe solution. Its structure is not changeable, thus guaranteeing its integrity and its good functioning. Its handling is simple, especially as a dedicated support service is there to accompany you in all circumstances.
Support department range of services:
The Eventtia's " Support" department is your ally in the use of the platform. They are there to accompany you in case you face difficulties and will answer your questions and concerns. When contacting the service(, your request is analyzed and treated according two main criteria (its nature and it's its degree of urgency):
  • Questions: All support requests are treated with the same responsiveness. Questions about the use of the platform will be answered in most cases with an article in the knowledge base responding to it. It is therefore important, before contacting the support team, to consult our Articles online.
  • Internal team support: The support team also intervenes on tasks non-realizable directly from the platform such as the extraction of certain types of data (e.g. Attendees matrix)
  • Bugs: Queries that turn out to be bugs are ranked by order of importance and thus treated by priority order.
  1. Blocking: We are talking here about bug causing major problems with the use of the platform and the organization of the event. This type of bugs must be fixe urgently, otherwise the process is frozen (e.g. badges do not generate).
  2. Disturbing: This is a type of bug to fix but that does not slow down the course of the event or its organization (e.g. prices appear in the right currency but with the wrong symbol).
  3. Minor: Minor bugs are those that have no significant impact on the progress of the event (The images on the website are not responsive).
  4. Change request: This has to do with changes to be made on the whole platform. Indeed, change request can be sent to the support team concerning an element of the platform. All suggestions are considered and analyzed to define their relevance and priority level. Once analyzed, if the change is relevant, it is placed on the platform development roadmap and ranked according to its priority level.
    NB: No request for change is automatically applied, they are all subject to internal assessment. The same goes for their publication.

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