You add a manual payment

Eventtia has a very useful manual payment option for event management. Indeed it is very common during an event that certain costs are paid on the day of the event, whether in cash, credit card or other means of payment accepted by the organizers of the event. It is therefore very practical not only for accountancy but also for the good functioning of Eventtia, to be able to record these payments.
The steps to completing a manual payment are as follows:

Step 1.

  • Go to the "Registration" module, then click on the "Attendees" section.

  • Select the attendee for whom you want to register a manual payment. Click on his card to access to his profile.

Step 2.

  • Click on the "Payments" tab, then on the "Add" blue button to save the manual payment.
  • Fill in the Description of the transaction, the Amount and the type of Operation (deposit or charge).

  • "Save"
    NB: The manual payment works in the same way for all other modules with a "Payment" feature. 

There you go! The manual payment on Eventtia has no more secrets for you.

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