Uploading a file to your website

To upload a file to your Website you must follow these steps:

Let’s suppose you want to upload a PDF file entitled “Instructions” to your Website.

Go to the “Website” Module and drag the module or the “Free” slot where you want to add the button or image with a link to the document that you will upload. Click on the “Edit” button to enter the module.

If you want to link the file to a text, then just write it:

If you want to link the file to an image, insert it to the HTML by selecting the image button, uploading the image and sending it to the server.

1. Click on the “Image” button:

2.Click on the third tab “Upload”, choose the file from your computer and click on “Send it to the Server”:

3.Image will appear on the HTML space:

Once you have the text or the image set, you must select it and click on the Insert Files/Links button: 

On the new screen, click on the third tab “Upload” and select your file. Upload the file you want to attach.

The system will create an URL for the file and redirect you to the Information of the link tab. Click on “Accept” and the file will be associated. 

When the images or text contain a link to the file, the image will have a surrounding blue square to indicate so. Click on “Save” and the whole process will be saved. 

When you publish your web page, you can go to the URL of the Web page and you will see the image/text with the link to the file:

If click on it, the file you attached will appear:

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