How to install and use the DYMO 450 Thermal Printer

If you want to print Thermal badges, we recommend that you install the DYMO 450 printer. Here's how you can do it: 

Step 1.

  • Click here to download the "Dymo label" driver for Windows. 
  • Close all of your computer's web browsers

Step 2.

  • Install the "Dymo label" driver. 

Step 3.

  • Connect the thermal printer to the PC. 
  • For Windows: Wait for the PC to recognize the printer to install it. Make sure it is called Dymo Label 450. In case you have more than one already installed, remove them and leave only the Dymo Label 450.
  • For iOS: The preference system will automatically recognize the printer. If it doesn't, simply add it.

Step 4.

  • Go to Registration>Types>Select the Type>Badges and select Thermal 
  • Then, add the information which you would like to appear on the badge using the Tags available below and click Save. 

Step 5.

  • Go to the Registration module and click on Attendees
  • Go to the three verticle dots and click Print 

There you go! Installing the Thermal Printer DYMO 450 is that easy.

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