How to filter participants

To ensure the impact and the success of your conference, meeting, trade show, or B2B matchmaking dynamic, you need to attract the right event attendees. Let people register, then use the vetting system to accept or deny their registration. This way, you’ll have a better control over the quality of your audience.

Here's how it works

Step 1.

  • Go to "Registration" and click "Types".

Step 2.

  • Click on the card of the type of participant you want to filter (you arrive at the general information).

Step 3.

  • Enable the "Requires validation after registration" option.
  • "Save" the configurations.

Step 4. 

  • Go to "Messages" and edit the text for "Success registration message", "Welcome email", and "Rejection email".
  • As you've selected the "Requires validation after registration" option the Welcome email will only be sent once you validate the participant. If you reject the participant, then the rejection email will be sent.  

Step 5.

  • When people start to register, go to "Registration" and click "Attendees".

Step 6.

  • Click "Pending validation", analyse each profile and "Confirm" or "Deny" registration requests. By doing so, the system will automatically send a welcome or rejection email.

As you can see, our vetting system is extremely user friendly. Start getting the right attendees for your events!

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